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The following projects highlight a selection of our clients and topics

Strategic business redesign support for the 4TechnologyGroup, an international provider of innovative communication solutions and services, which decided to merge its 4 sister companies under one legal unit and new brand called VIER and broaden its business scope to contact driven business process assistance and automation. In this context, we also supported the top management and marketing team with the development of a radically new strategic positioning and value promise along with a dedicated design, launch and marketing strategy.

Development of a completely new loyalty program for all B2C customers in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) around the concept of life changing moments and mutual support between the customers and their family members, like support for elderly people, education for safety at home and on the road and many more. The program was designed to continuously expand into new areas of life with sub-programs that rewarded spending but also social behavior of the customers.

Ongoing support and continuous sparring for the marketing and communication team at Arvato Systems marketing solutions after the establishment of a dedicated business unit with full revenue responsibility. This long-term collaboration encompassed positioning, messaging, content development and ad hoc contribution to multiple topics during the initial go-to-market phase.

Strategic market and customer analysis as the basis for the formulation of the “Business Technologists” positioning. Elaboration of dedicated value promises for the different stakeholders and operational implementation through a complete redesign of the portfolio marketing strategy and messaging architecture. The results of this projects also delivered core input for the campaign design for Atos as a major sponsor of the Olympic Games 2012.

Extensive primary and secondary research for all major business domains of Bosch – mobility, living and industry – to develop the new IoT communication strategy and a detailed messaging architecture for all major B2C and B2B target groups. This included a workshop series with subject matter experts from all relevant business units and affiliate companies at Bosch to jointly define the nucleus of 4 core messages for each the three IoT domains along the driving idea of #LikeABosch, which was then translated into all IoT marketing and communications measures, like the extremely successful and praised #LikeABosch video campaign. Furthermore, ideenparc created the internal master document for the new IoT business strategy to convey the future strategic goals and agenda of Bosch to the whole global organization.

Development of a powerful story as the overarching theme and strategic foundation for the future Connected Hydraulics communication campaigns. Furthermore, this included the creation of a strategic framework and a set of content blocks and sub-messages which resonate with customers and partners. The core objective was to provide a stage to feature the capabilities of Bosch Rexroth in the future hydraulics market and support diverse marketing measures – from website content to sales pitches and trade fair exhibitions.

Market assessment of the national and international beverage market with focus on the beer sector and the trend towards craft beers and artisan brewery. This formed the basis for a workshop series with the top management of the company “Kronen Brauerei”, a German brewery with a 150 year heritage to analyze, optimize and ultimately redesign their complete business model and go-to-market approach in order to reinvigorate the business and conquer new market segments. A major outcome of this project as the rebranding as “Brauwerk Baden” and the subsequent adaptation of the complete sales, marketing and communication strategy.

Development of the structural and content framework for the global marketing and communication activities of Deutsche Telekom in two core areas: The ideal world of advertising and brand linkages. Then first topic addressed the different aspects and levers to optimize the advertising strategy and operational execution based on a status quo analysis and global best practice research. The second topic was centered around the development of a concept and management framework for the ideal “co-existence” and mutual amplification of the strength and value of the different sub-brands of Deutsch Telekom.

Ideation workshop with the corporate marketing and communication team and experts from different business functions to stimulate creative thinking and generate new impulses for the social media strategy, especially the YouTube platform. The workshop format was designed to go beyond the limitations of traditional thinking and operational reality at E.ON to give the audience a new perspective on the power of video content and formats to increase brand appeal and equity among different target groups. As a result of a highly creative and collaborative workshop and follow-up process, the team of E.ON and ideenparc defined driving ideas for three dedicated video formats, along with the overarching narrative, tonality and design parameters for the subsequent production of the video content.

Ongoing collaboration and sparring with different stakeholders at Google to discuss ideas on how the leverage the assets and capabilities of google with all its products and services as a core lever for B2B customers to analyze, understand and further optimize their brand equity and performance through perfectly designed digitally enables marketing and communication initiatives. As a core outcome of this collaboration, ideenparc designed the framework for a brand assessment model and report that would build upon the knowledge database of google. This model included multiple parameters, such as salience, presence, social value, social activity and social spotlight to give brand managers a 360 degree perspective on their brand performance and optimization potential.


Formulation of a differentiating value proposition for an innovative product and service solution to claim and proof the uniqueness and exceptional customer benefits of IBM’s offering – in comparison to the global competitive environment. This also included a close interaction and ongoing discussion with key representatives from the relevant marketing teams that were responsible for the activation of the value proposition in the future marketing and sales activities -both from them but also from other business functions and regional teams.

After a major business strategy redesign, ideenparc supported the global brand and marketing team in the development of 3-4 core messages for each of the 8 strategic growth markets, based on an extensive array of interviews with internal representatives from different business units (robotics, cells, solutions, logistics). The messages were created by utilizing ideenparc’s proprietary messaging model along the triad of Pain-Remedy-Proof to ensure that they focus on the most relevant decision drivers from a customer’s perspective. The messages were aggregated into a KUKA messaging navigator along with the brand value story and core campaign themes, representing the content pool and checklist for all future marketing activities to drive brand appeal, consistency and make the briefing & production process leaner and faster.

Development of the initial communication strategy and value proposition for a newly founded business unit at the Munich Airport, the ISH (information security hub), which is a multi-layered portfolio of offerings for executive education and expert trainings on the different aspects of safety and security – with a dedicated focus on the topic of cyber security. Furthermore, ideenparc acted as a external marketing support unit during the preparation and execution of the go live phase of the ISH. Based on this collaboration, the Airport Academy, which provides all training services for the Airport Munich and multiple other international airports, collaborated with ideenparc for the redesign and extension of their portfolio strategy on their way to reposition themselves as an internationally renown provider of high-class training content beyond the pre airport focus, covering new areas like crisis management, customer experience design and digital transformation.

Preparation, execution and assessment of a global customer survey on convenience food and condiments in key markets like Germany, Mexico, Russia, UK and the US to identity new growth potential for existing product lines and also ideas for empirically validated new market segments and according product extension ideas. The results of the survey were aggregated on both a country and overall global level to deliver input for the regional product management and communication teams and also inform the overarching global marketing strategy in the relevant portfolio and market segments.

OMNETRIC was founded as a joint venture between Siemens and Accenture. Based on the extensive market knowledge and long-term collaboration with Siemens in the energy sector, ideenparc was asked to support the marketing and business development activities of the new company since – end even before – its market launch. This included the development of an ambitious marketing strategy, which included the formulation of its vision, mission and core values along the key messages for internal and external target audiences. Furthermore, ideenparc worked closely with the marketing and top leadership team on the creation of a “Big Idea” as the nucleus of a specific, unique and bold marketing program for 2016. The final concept was so well received that it turned from a marketing idea into an actual portfolio element with a multi-module scope of offerings. In addition to this, ideenparc acted a s long-term communication content generator for OMNETRIC and wrote, among other measures, two thought leadership papers, one on the topic of community energy and the other on congestion in the distribution grid. These papers were utilized in a multitude of ways, from the basic publication to individualized sales pitches and even top management speeches at major events.

Design and execution of an ethnographic study among young adults using a custom-made camera equipment that recorded everything the participants did for an entire day. The objective was to deliver an in-depth, intimate look into consumers lives as the basis to gain deep understanding of next generation media consumption patterns along with insights on how to keep TV relevant and profitable in the future. Based on a strong analytical foundation, ideenparc applied pattern recognition methods to derive underlying motives and trends in media usage with special attention to the implication for media companies. Based on all insights, ideenparc formulated a set of theses to explain the underlying motives and expectations of users, focusing on potential pitfalls and growth opportunities for ProSiebenSat.1 in future media marketing and CRM.

Support for the business development team of one of the major business units at Rheinmetall Automotive, namely MS Motorservice International, in the preparation of a multi-stage workshop series with the complete top management team to jointly define the cornerstones and parameters of the Strategy 20/20/20 that was built on several key measures in order to strengthen the capabilities and competitive strengths of the entity and drive long-term business success. In this context, ideenparc conducted focused secondary research on key strategic questions and relevant frameworks and contributed a neural outside-in view as a sparring partner for the business development team in order to challenge and fortify the core strategic decision of MS Motorservice.


Keynote speech at the European Marketing Development Day of SAP with all marketing representatives from the different organizational units and business areas (500+ participants) to illustrate the challenges and opportunities of modern, innovative marketing and communication in a digitally enriched and permeated world – both in business and private life. As the other two keynotes were delivered by internal top management representatives, the prime objective of the speech was to deliver a bold, even radical view on the qualities of truly customer-driven marketing and communication and invigorate the European teams to stimulate new thinking, new ideas and brave new actions on future marketing in order to overcome the still quite conservative brand image of SAP.

Preparation, execution and consolidation of a two-day workshop with the complete organization of a highly successful media production company with an ambitious growth agenda to jointly define their future strategic positioning, along with their aspired market role, brand character, brand behavior and corporate values. The outcome of the workshop was then translated into different marketing and sales measures, like a new website, sales pitch document and even several corporate films for the different business areas and Schwarzbild as unity.

Ethnographic research among customers of the different vertical business segments of Scout24, such as AutoScout24, ImmobilienScout24 or FriendScout24, to analyze the search behavior, usage patterns and overall expectations and frustrations of users – both online ad offline – to identify growth opportunities and optimization potential for the existing sub brands and a new digital service for locally based searches that Scout24 was planning to introduce. Furthermore, preparation, execution and analysis of an extensive web-based survey among users ad non-users of the FriensScout24 platform to define a new customer segmentation along with dedicated service design and communication ideas to further increase the appeal and stickiness of the brand in people’s daily lives.

Development of a future-oriented positioning for a newly founded subsidiary in the business areas communication, media and technology. Translation into concise messages for the different target groups and ongoing support during the operational activation of the positioning in marketing and communication, as well as close collaboration during the set-up of a new marketing and communication team for the stand-alone entity.

Global customer survey among the top decision makers at companies from all relevant sub-industries (Oil & Gas, power generation and transmission, etc.) to identify the core expectations towards a provider of energy products, solutions and services. Formulation of the strategic positioning for Siemens within the energy market as well as its dedicated role in mastering the current and future market challenges. In addition to this, development of a new, more customer-focused positioning story and value proposition for the power transmission business unit as a core lever to overcome major image issues due to a negative track record of several non-performing and socially criticized largescale projects. The results of this project, which featured intensive involvement of the complete top management team, was also the critical reflection and refinement of the project management and issue handling principles to reflect the new self-understanding in daily business operations.

Extensive market analysis along with a global customer and expert survey to formulate a compelling brand positioning story along the driving idea of “Agility in Energy” and translate the overarching narrative into dedicated target group messages with a comprehensive, constantly updated set of proof points for the current key segments and highly attractive growth areas. The positioning story and the messages were utilized as the core content pool and operational “check-list” for all media channels, especially the digital customer interaction touchpoints. Furthermore, ideenparc created all copywritten content for the completely remastered website and also wrote a 30-page thought whitepaper, “Pioneering a new era – A guide to mastering disruptive change in the energy world”, with was heavily promoted towards current and potential Siemens clients as key sales support and enablement measure.

Supporting the marketing team in their strategic endeavor to surpass the re-active marketing approach of the past and establish a customer-focused marketing and segment-specific communication for the first time in its history in order to create more direct sales and business impact. In this context, ideenparc conducted a detailed analysis of all key documents from multiple departments and in-depth interviews with abroad spectrum of experts. Based on a assessment of all input along the four dimensions market, customer, competition and company, ideenparc generated a theses-based insight report with detailed strategic and operational recommendations to address the most attractive action areas and tap the full market potential of a customer-driven marketing and communication for Siemens Industry Services.

Close collaboration with the corporate marketing and brand management team to create compelling thought leadership content for the energy market that can be used to directly address current and potential customers and other market stakeholders and at the same time deliver a broad content pool for the regional marketing teams that they can utilize for a broad scope of marketing and communication initiatives, like website content, sales presentations, speeches etc. Based on an assessment of the current core communication messages, campaign themes, technological details on certain focus offerings, background information on relevant cases studies and the future communication strategy, ideenparc developed the structural outline and defined all relevant content elements for the thought leadership paper, i.e. the Siemens Smart Grid guide. Subsequently, ideenparc copywrote the short version of the guide, “Energy intelligence – Tapping the potential of a smart energy world” for external publication along with the fully fledged internal content backbone that contained further details on all content elements, such as extensive reference descriptions and the full portfolio of offerings. Based on this work, ideenparc also wrote several articles on highlight topics like “energy security and autonomy” or “grid resilience through automation and AI”.


Extensive, ethnographic user study to assess the media usage patterns, expectations, points of frustration vs. points of elation as well as their perspective on the current media landscape and all major players. The survey featured a combination of self-observation and reflection via a 1-week-diary-exercise and a direct 3-hour in depth-interview to discuss their introspection as well as some key hypotheses that were developed based on preparatory secondary research on the media sector and international best practice analysis. The goal of the survey was to critically assess the brand positioning and program strategy of the company to determine areas of improvement, under-utilized assets and capabilities and, most importantly, identify radically new ideas for products and services from a strictly user-centric perspective that can help the company fight off competition and conquer new market and customer segments

Ongoing, longstanding collaboration with the global marketing and communication team at Swisslog intralogistics to continuously support them in various internal and external engagements and initiatives. This included the following highlight projects: Development of a company presentation that features the overall value story of Swisslog for the different customer target groups and features the complete portfolio of offering as a core document for sales activities, pitches and top management speeches. In addition to this, ideenparc translated the Strategy 2020 the Vision 2025 into change manifestos that to explain the major parameters and cornerstones of the strategy and vision to the organization, convince them of the exceptional market and growth potential behind the strategy and vision and , ultimately, foster commitment and drive action among all employees. Furthermore, ideenparc developed multiple marketing stories for several key portfolio elements and innovation concepts as the content basis for alle marketing, communication and sales activities to push market success of these offerings.

Combination of academic and best practice research along with a detailed assessment of the comprehensive performance data of the current loyalty program of O2 to identify the underlying psychological and behavioral patterns that drive loyalty among customers of communication service providers. Based on this meta-analysis, ideenparc developed concise ideas for more effective and efficient methods and approaches for O2 to significantly rehaul their loyalty program and establish a comprehensive loyalty management strategy that surpasses all other competitors and turns the brand into truly exceptional loyalty leader and best practice beyond the communication market. These ideas were combined and packaged into 5 distinct routes for the design of the new loyalty management concept, each built around a clear driving idea that set the parameters for the further elaboration and operational execution of “O2 Loyalty 2.0”. After the project team selected a combination of two major routes, ideenparc created a detailed program portrait that featured the integral elements and was utilized as the foundation to brief the third party agency that subsequently developed the operational functions and marketing strategy.

Definition of the driving idea behind a new market positioning and value promise based on a 2-step workshop approach with the C-Level management team and external market analysts. This positioning was subsequently translated into a compelling change story for internal audiences, highlighting the power of the positioning as a business success driver and ensure positive attitude and support for the new strategic aspiration among all organizational units.

Preparation and execution of several on-site workshops with participants from global start-up and entrepreneur programs like the Climate KIC and the Global Food Venture Program, where the Technical University of Munich was the German lead partner for the academic content and organization of the programs. The workshops followed a highly interactive and creative approach based on a conceptional foundation to educate the participants on the value and business potential of a powerful and analytically sound marketing and brand strategy as a major success driver for start-ups that can heavily affect market success or failure. Every workshop was embedded into the overall curriculum of the respective program and the participants developed results that directly fed into their business plans and final program evaluations.